Has seriously changed my life.  I know I’m a junior in the house and have been involved.  But I’m honestly just starting to realize how much Delta Delta Delta really means to me.  Granted it may not have been my top choice when I went through formal recruitment as a freshman knowing nothing about the greek system, but it is definitely the only house I can see myself in.  

My sisters truly are my sisters.  

I get a long with each and every girl in my house.  Obviously there are those moments where you want to bang your head against the brick walls, but then again there are 68 women in this house.  What would you expect?  There are girls in this house that I will be lifelong friends with, they will be in my wedding and the godmothers to my children.  (Who am I kidding, they are going to be their second-mothers.)

I love that I can stay up until 2:30 am and just talk with any random sister.  I love that we all have different personalities that mesh so well together it’s unbelievable.  I love that we are who we are, we don’t fake anything for rush.  We. Are. Real. I love that when I’m bored and want to walk to the Student Union, or to Starbucks or even a quick trip to Target or Hobby Lobby someone is willing to go with me.  I love the feeling you get when you see a fellow sister on Tumblr, Facebook, or Twitter and you have an instant connection.  I love walking out of the doors of my beautiful brick house with all the pride in the world.  I love the feeling I get when I can say, “That’s my big. That’s my little.” I love being able to walk into other chapter houses for football games and feeling so welcomed. And the list goes on and on…  

I pretty much love everything about being a Tri Delta.  Coming from a divorced family, and not having a strong connection with my family these girls really fill those gaps.  There are no words to fully express how I feel about Tri Delta. 

I can’t wait to raise my little girls up to be future Tri Deltas (of course they can go wherever their hearts lead).  

I would never go back to Day 1 of Recruitment, this house is for me and me for this house.  I can do nothing but enjoy every moment that I have left and make the best of what I will be leaving behind.  From being a lonely freshman to the Kappa Chapter Reference chair (and hopefully more) I was meant to be a Tri Delta; 3 is my favorite number, dolphins were one of my favorite mammals growing up, and I was born on November 27. 


Delta Love, Δ